"Battle of Chaos and Order"
Alisa Zingerman, Bansko Nomad Fest 2021
Main points
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Focus Mate
Wow! It's like having your coworking always with you - wherever you are - and better! Changed my working life, no exaggerations!
George Kao - Joyful Productivity
The one online course that changed everything for me - yes, miracles happen! :)
My Tip # 1: Categorize!
Here's the one thing I saw that turns the business from frantic struggle with the avalanche of incoming tasks into a healthy business practice
My Tip # 2: Mailbox
It can be different! Look at Matthias' onboading sequence - how many questions do you have left? :)
My Tip # 3: Keep your promises (to yourself)!
If you said that you are working till 5pm today - do it!
My Tip # 4: To-do list
There is no such thing "I finished all I need to do" - and it's not a bad thing! We are infinitely creative human beings, and it is a fact to be celebrated!
My Tip # 5: Alarm every hour
Sound like a torture? Suffocates creativity?
Just hear me out!
My Tip # 6: Flow is the devil!
Is flow really the way to happiness? When "the flow" works and when it fails.
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