the hebrew hub academy
your words, your thoughts, your blog
How do you make a breakthrough
with the Hebrew Hub Academy?
Each week you...
Write a blog post
anything you feel like writing about! From time to time we will have themes and competitions - but it's optional, the important thing is that you like what you are writing, that it makes you feel good.
Get corrections
using my original two-phase correction method - you'll see how it works when we start ;)
Get a recording
of your perfect corrected text read by a native-speaker!
(It is extremely valuable because you can make a playlist of your posts and listen to them again and again - learning not form some unrelated textbook or vocabulary list -
Record yourself
reading your blog entry. Align your reading with the native-speaker recording (try to make it sound as close as possible!) and get comments on how to improve your pronunciation.
How much does it cost to join the Academy?

just 50$ a month -
for correcting, proofreading, and getting a native-speaker recording!

- if during the first month you don't write a word - you get your money back!
- you can stop the subscription yourself any time - no questions asked!

My best language-learning memory
goes back to the time when I made a breakthrough with my Japanese.
What was I doing back then that was so much fun that made this period so memorable?
I was just...
- writing a blog/diary every week
- I got corrections from native-speakers.

The progress I made each week was immense, and most of what I know now I owe to that period. I was thinking for a while how to bring this experience of achievement to you, my dear Hebrew-learners, and I think that, finally, I have it!

Happy to announce -

What my students say
I want to write a note recommending the Hebrew Hub Academy. I have been writing weekly 'writings' for half a year now and I really enjoy it and find it so helpful. Sometimes I write a nonsense story, sometimes a 'writing' to practice something I am learning, sometimes a dialogue to practice verb tenses, or I write about a situation about which I want to learn new vocabulary. The possibilities are endless. I have to say it does take me several hours to write each week, but I am getting faster, and definitely faster with typing in Hebrew, and it is well worth it! And Rotem records each of my weekly 'writings' really well, at a manageable speed for me and with great expression. I haven't yet worked out how to record my reading of them, but I do highly recommend this course as I gain so much from the other aspects. So thanks to Alisa and Rotem 😀😁